Undertaking Form

I hereby acknowledge and undertake that:

  • I am interested in availing  a guided tour by M/s Phaedrus India Expeditions Pvt Ltd , a company registered under companies act 1956 and having its registered office at Flat No-118 , Kadambri, Plot 19,Sector-9, Rohini, New Delhi 110085 operating under the Trade Name “The India Motor Cycle Tour Co”  engaged in India providing guiding tour ;
  • I undertake that I am responsible for my own driving/riding ;
  • I undertake that at the commencement of the tour I will be 18 year or older and would be having a passport with a validity of at least six months or more after the end of the tour and also a valid visa or traveling document as required under Indian law
  • I undertake that at the commencement of the tour I shall be holding a Valid International Driving Licence and will carry the original of the document with me at all times during the tour ,
  • I undertake to provide proof of Valid International Driving Permit (IDP) whenever asked for and I shall carry the original of this document with me at all times during the tour ;
  • I undertake that at the commencement of the tour I will have Travel Insurance which provides me risk cover for driving a motor vehicle or  ride a motorcycle (upto 500cc) whilst on the tour and I have checked its Terms and Conditions  and I undertake to carry the original of the Insurance documents with me at all times during the tour.I understand and undertake to ensure risk cover under insurance for all times during the tour ;
  • I undertake that while taking this tour I will be reasonably fit and healthy  ,
  • I undertake to wear all the safety gears and gadgets as guided by M/s Phaedrus India Expeditions Pvt Ltd ;
  • I undertake not to raise any dispute in case I am  prevented from undertaking or completing the activities by M/s Phaedrus India Expeditions Pvt Ltd for my unruly or unsuitable behaviour ;
  • I undertake to dress appropriately for the purpose of tour as well as safety reasons failing which M/s Phaedrus India Expeditions Pvt Ltd reserves the right to refuse my admittance to activities ;
  • I undertake to pay the costs incurred during the tour for the purpose of repair of my motorcycle or motorcar  due to driver or rider damage, error or careless driving/riding ;
  • I undertake to fill up Liability Waiver Form fully understanding that driving motorcycles in India can be dangerous and unpredictable  I am also aware that for any accidents involving me have to be resolved by my insurance provider and I ;
  • I undertake to fill up requisite Medical Form and if required to provide a certificate from my doctor for my fitness for the tour.
  • I undertake that I will be participating tour only if I am fit and am not aware of any medical conditions or injury that would limit or render my participation unsafe or difficult .
  • I also undertake to go through any medical examination if  asked by  M/s Phaedrus India Expeditions Pvt Ltd as a condition for continuing in the tour;
  • I undertake not to raise any dispute as I understand that during the tour it may be possible that the medical assistance or aid at various times may be delayed due to distances, heavy traffic ,breakdown of vehicle or any act of god ;
  •  I undertake not to drive after consuming any drug or alcohol as I understand that the same is illegal in India and if caught I might face criminal charges ;
  • I undertake not to raise a dispute in case the organisers believe reasonably that my driving may be impaired and it may be unsafe for me to ride ( for any reason including consumption of drugs or alcohol) and they restrain me from undertaking the tour completely or a part of it till they decide if I am fit ;
  •  I undertake to provide in writing to the organisers at the time of booking of any condition (medical or otherwise) for which I may require any special care or attention which might affect mine or other participants’ experience during the tour ;
  • I undertake to provide all necessary information as and when required and asked by government authorities or security agencies for the purpose of internal security and counter terrorism .
  • That if I make changes to my route timing or itinerary before, during or after the Tour I alone will be liable for anything resulting therefrom. This includes going off the designated route where I will be without support of the team members or medics.
  • That the motorcars and motorcycles are the property of Phaedrus India and are on short-term loan to me for the period of the Tour only.
  • That if I am refused passage/or entry/or exit to or from any of the countries we operate in, any additional costs incurred will be my own responsibility.
  • That any transfers I arrange outside of the proposed itinerary and any on-going travel arrangements I arrange following the Tour will be at my own expense.
  • That accomodation, meals, vehicles, fuel, services of support staff are included but that all other expenses (including beverages, room service bills, laundry, telephone calls,etc.) will be my own responsibility and will have to be paid for at the time of any such purchase. Any damage or breakages caused by me during my stay in hotels or at other accommodation during the Tour will be my responsibility.
  • That I may be required to share rooms with other participants. I understand that in some of the accommodation our requirement for twin-bedded rooms may exceed the supply and only double beds may be available.
  • That I will attend all briefing sessions and heed the advice of the organizers about driving and riding conditions. I will take proper care to ensure my safety and will not put any third party at risk by reckless or dangerous driving or riding.
  • That I must bring with me all items on the Check Lists and use them at all times when driving or riding during the event.
  • That I am responsible for my personal possessions and that Phaedrus India is not liable for any loss or damage to my property.
  • That there are risks involved in any adventure travel activity, including, but not limited to the dangers of travelling in mountainous terrain, high altitude, forces of nature, civil unrest, hijacking , criminal activity, terrorism, travel by aircraft, truck, bus, jeep, car, motorcycle, bicycle, watercraft or any other means of transportation, accident or illness in remote areas without means for rapid evacuation or medical facilities.
  • That I will not victimize, bully, ridicule or discriminate against any of my fellow participants or employees and support saff of Phaedrus India.


I  undertake to abide by all rules and regulations as laid down by M/s Phaedrus India Expeditions Pvt Ltd and amended from time to time for the tours and expeditions organised by them. I will and do indemnify Phaedrus India Expeditions Pvt Ltd against all losses, costs and expenses incurred as a result of my breach of any of the above-mentioned acknowledgements and undertakings.

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