Meet Nicholas James Rowe (aka Captain Slow), an unabashed India lover and a self-proclaimed Indophile. Nick first came to India in 1991. It was love at first sight and ever since then, he has been coming back and forth. In 2009, Nick bought a Royal Enfield, named it Tara, and rode more than 15000 kms across the length and breadth of this vast country, all by himself. It was during this journey that he met Rajeev.



Rajeev Bagga (aka Raja), born in Delhi, was on one of his work trips in South India. Raja has travelled extensively all over India, and having owned a Royal Enfield in his college days, had always dreamt of travelling on it, the way Nick was. It was a warm summer evening in the temple town of Madurai. Nick and Rajeev started talking about this and that, watching the sun go down from the terrace of an al fresco restaurant against the backdrop of the magnificent Meenakshi Amman temple. The friendship forged that evening has withstood the test of time and has grown into a much stronger and deeper bond.


Peter Saul nephew of Roger Saul, the founder of Mulberry England, met Nick in their hometown Wilton, just outside of Salisbury. It was there that Nick and Pete arranged a local pub (Bear Inn) motorcycle tour to India, with the help of Raja. After having done 2400 kms across North India with 12 Royal Enfield motorcycles, they came back again, this time to ride  2200 kms across South India with 17 Royal Enfield motorcycles. On these road trips was sown the seed of creating a tour company. And before the trio knew it, their passion fructified into an enterprise known as The India Motorcycle Tour Co.


All our tours are planned to deliver an ideal mix of leisure and adventure. An immersive and unique experience to soak  your senses in the incredible sights, sounds, smells and tastes of India is in store for you on our well-planned road trips.